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Blood Drive 3/14/17

Esopus Gala 4/1/17

Alumni Wine Tasting 4/6/17

Stanner Golf Classic 5/1/17

Stanner Hall of Fame Induction 3/25/17

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Molloy in 1994:


aaMarist National Day of Service

Are You Missing Something?

Something is missing. Truly, Something is missing. Can’t you sense it? On a recent snow day, I was housebound and channel surfing when I found Peanuts the Movie. I thought “Ah yes, it has come to this.” As I’m watching I notice everyone in the movie is getting along and working things out. I thought, “How strange. This is not the ‘real’ world.” Later in the movie, (spoiler alert) Charlie Brown signed the wrong test sheet, and when the results are published it turns out Charlie got the only perfect score. This never happened before in Peanuts world. Everyone then made a big fuss over Charlie. The school then held an assembly to honor Charlie with a medal for his perfect score. Charlie came to the microphone, everyone was silent, waiting, and then Charlie announced that there was a mistake! The paper was not his, the medal was not his. Honesty, he told the truth. Again I thought “This is not the ‘real’ world.” How sad!


In John’s gospel Jesus told us: “You are no longer slaves. It was not you who chose me, but it was I who chose you.” Then He sent us out to preach the gospel, to the whole world, “I no longer call you slave, but friend. God has anointed us – all of us – and sent us forward to be missionaries.” Not just the Brothers, Priests, and Sisters, but all of us. Is this a lie I have found in the Gospel? Is this no longer true? Have we moved on beyond this grace? No, the truth is every single one of us has been called and continues to be called.


My father was an immigrant. My mother’s mother was an immigrant. I remember Nana telling me stories about when she first came to New York and saw a sign in a window that read “Irish Need Not Apply” for work. She spoke the language, she was white, and she had some education, but she was so poor that she could not raise her children by herself after her husband Cornelius died. Her daughter Julia was given over to be raised by Aunt Katie. She must have asked herself, “Why are we doing this again” when thinking of their struggle. Did she resent it then, and feel that life was unfair?

Immigrants built New York City in the 19th century under persecution. They proudly lived out their faith even under suspicion of those around them. In time they became firefighters, police officers, politicians, and yes there were some bad apples in the bunch. Many others, however, became missionaries and evangelists right here in NYC where they were the sons and daughters of Christ and His Mother Mary. Have we given up on this? Was the 19th century all a lie? Can/should we be turning our backs on immigrants today? The way I see it, they are only children like you and me.

— Br. Pat Hogan, FMS
Alumni Spiritual Director

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