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Baseball Reunion 9/30/17

FINAL Andrew Harvey Memorial 5K Fun Run 10/1/17

Stanner Alumni Reunion 11/4/17

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The Marist Values of Humility, Simplicity, and Modesty

Humility, Simplicity, and modesty…do these virtues even exist within our present-day culture? Simply turn on the television or listen to today’s popular music to witness that these virtues are becoming almost non-existant. Take the show, The Big Bang Theory, although a wonderful show, the character Sheldon Cooper, played by Jim Parsons, is the antithesis of these virtues. Sheldon is arrogant, demeaning and is focused on himself and his own accomplishments. Luckily for Sheldon, and for us, he is surrounded by friends, in particular Leonard Hofstadter, played by Johnny Galecki, who challenges Sheldon on a daily basis to become, more, let’s say…MARIST! In almost every episode Leonard awakens Sheldon to new perceptions, new possibilities, and new ways of being compassionate and Christ-like…not an easy task for Leonard, but he makes it a point to challenge Sheldon. Upon reflecting on the character of Leonard I am reminded that I, as a Marist, am called to be different, to be prophetic through my words and actions. For Marcellin these virtues are not just essential to being a Christian disciple, but are the foundational elements of our identity as Marists.

As Marists we are meant to be the Marial face of the Church. We are called to be humble, rooted in Gospel values and in relationship with Jesus. We are called to live simply, not attached to material things but to enjoy life as it is, delight in people, share our resources, be generous and good-hearted. We are called to be modest. Well, we mustn’t he shrinking violets!, No, to be truly modest is to rejoice in God’s gifts to us, doing the work entrusted to each one confidently, with enthusiasm and a zest for life without looking for praise or success or recognition.

In essence these virtues are not dead. In fact they are very much alive…alive in the MARIST FAMILY and together we strive to make a difference within our world.

Reflection Questions: Do I let greed and materialism dictate my life and my response to living the Gospel message? Am I more concerned about personal gain than giving freely of my time and talents to help others?

— Br. Al Rivera, FMS
Director, Marist Life & Mission
Marist Provincial Center

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The Fund For Molloy is Archbishop Molloy High School’s annual giving campaign. The Fund is a vital part of the School’s finances. Tuition alone does not account for the full costs associated with receiving a Stanner education. To keep tuition affordable and accessible for all, income from Molloy’s endowments and The Fund For Molloy make up the difference. Each year, alumni, parents and friends make gifts that have a meaningful impact on the school’s budget. For over 122 years we have relied on our community to help fulfill our educational mission. We are grateful to all who have stepped up for Stanner High in the past and hope you will continue to support Molloy.

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