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Br. Pat Reflects on Sept 11th

This is a photo of the memorial at Breezy Point, which looks directly toward the World Trade Center. This day brings with it many emotions, conflicting for sure. As was the case with the death of JFK, I remember exactly where I was when the first plane hit, and I vividly remember seeing the second plane hit and knowing that this was no accident. On September 12th, Jim Sheldon and I went by police boat, with our EMT bags, to lower Manhattan and Chelsea Piers. No one spoke during the trip. The pilot of our police boat slowed down and brought us close to shore. I was overwhelmed by the magnitude of what I saw and the acrid smell that filled the air. We were assembled in a gym and put into groups, but we were told that we would most likely never be called. It was that bad.

As I sat on the floor I wondered if the world would learn. I had hope that we would, but we haven’t. Peace on Earth starts with each of us, not the other guy. How often we have heard and sung those words. What has changed? In our families, at work, and even with our friends sometimes we harbor petty hurts and jealousies, and these eat away at us without us even knowing it.

We are Christians called to be Christ-like. What does that mean? How can I be like Christ? He was God. I can’t be like him. YES YOU CAN…. The Glory of God is seen in humanity (us) fully alive. We saw the glory of God that day in the positive actions of others; people held the door for one another, went to the ER to help, went to the Red Cross to give blood, and a little old lady came up to Jim and I and gave us sandwiches she made. It was obvious to us that she had very little, but she did her part.

We are all called to be the best we can be. That takes work. It takes a lifetime. I need to be more patient. I need to be less judgmental. I need to be less resentful. I need to reach out to the person who drives me up the wall. I need to watch what I say. I need to work more for justice for all. I need to waste less. I need to try to make this world a better place.

Ask yourself this: “What do I need to do?”

— Br. Pat Hogan, FMS
Alumni Spiritual Director

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